Tohoku Region


Miyagi is renowned for producing large quantities of rice with some brands and farms achieving grade A rice for more than 10 years consecutively, due to its ideal soil and climate. As a result, this area is well-known among most Japanese people and thus should be remembered by all.


Rice produced in the Fukushima prefecture is renowned for its superior quality. Its multiple properties and qualities make it popular as a choice for sake production. It can yield particularly large grains, thereby imparting a unique texture and flavor when used in brewing the alcohol. Furthermore, the region is known for its immense yield, which contributes to its popularity.


Ideally located in terms of weather and wind, the Akita region is especially famous for its rice, used for the production of sake. Over 400 years ago, due to political interests, it began producing two thirds of the rice for its neighboring regions. Today, it continues to lead the national rice production.