Niizawa Jozote Brewery Sake

Niizawa Brewery

Founded in 1873 and currently headed by President and Touji Mr. Iwao Niizawa (the 5th generation), the Niizawa Jozoten Brewery was, according to Niizawa-san's own words, on the verge of collapse when he returned home from Agricultural University of Tokyo with a degree in brewing science. Thus, he planned to rethink sake from the inside out.  In 2002, he developed the Hakurakusei series, intended to be the "ultimate food sake". It was designed to emphasize restraint, clean acidity, and matching flavors with food, rather than the bold aromas and layers of exotic flavor of most premium sakes at the time. The response to Niizawa-san's vision of a food sake was gradual, but over the years his sake has consistently gained top awards in prestigious tasting competitions and been chosen to be served in the Japan Airlines sake list for business and first class.