Hakurakusei Junmai Daiginjo Kizashi
Hakurakusei Junmai Daiginjo Kizashi

Hakurakusei Junmai Daiginjo Kizashi

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愛宕の松 純米大吟醸

Discover the limited edition NIIZAWA KIZASHI Junmai Daiginjo, released in 2015 as a collaboration with contemporary art. With the cooperation of various artists, this sake prides itself in its refined technology to bring out umami from highly polished rice while maintaining a youthful quality. Stored in the refrigerator, it matures beautifully, making it a valuable treasure limited to 1000 bottles per year.

2023 IWC -  GOLD award
2022  IWC - Bronze award 
2021 Feminaries World Wine Competition -  Gold Award
2021 Kura Master  - Gold Award
2020 Feminaries World Wine Competition  - Gold award

Rice Type 使用米:   Kuranohana
Alcohol  Content:   16%
RPR      精米歩合:   7
Acidity         酸度:   1.4
SMV     日本酒度:   0

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