How To Tell When Sake Has Gone Bad

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Have you ever wondered how to tell bad or spoiled sake from fresh wine? It’s not always easy to identify off sake, especially when it has just started to turn. However, there are several notable indicators to keep in mind that may help in this regard – and we have outlined these today to help inform your decision.

How to Tell Bad, Off, or Spoiled Sake From Good Sake

Distinguishing bad, spoiled sake from good sake wine is tough. However, some of the most common things you may notice that indicate your sake wine has gone off include the following:

  • A yellow tint rather than the characteristic clear color of sake 
  • A strong, pungent smell after opening the sake 
  • Visible particles in the sake  (non-spoiled sake should be a clear liquid apart from nigori )
  • An acrid or acidic taste to the sake (but never drink sake if you have any suspicions!)

Most sake will last up to 2 years if stored unopened  away from sunlight or longer in a fridge. After opening your sake wine, it will likely go through oxidisation in a matter of weeks

Final Thoughts

Sake, by its nature, shouldn’t contain any preservative compounds. As such, unlike regular wine, it’s entirely possible for a bottle to go spoiled. And, of course, off sake isn’t a very pleasant experience! Luckily, keeping today’s tips in mind should help you avoid bad, spoiled sake, so you can enjoy a delicious beverage instead.