Ugonotsuki Black Moon
Ugonotsuki Black Moon
Ugonotsuki Black Moon

Ugonotsuki Black Moon

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One of the best sake breweries in Japan is located in Hiroshima Prefecture. "Aihara Sake Brewery," founded in Nikata, a good port on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, has a reputation for consistently improving the quality of its sake through careful brewing techniques. Their popular new arrival is the "ugonotsuki Junmai daiginjo Omachi Black Moon," a sake that is brewed with Omachi rice, which is known for its suitability in sake brewing. This sake has a gentle ginjo aroma, an elegant and firm taste, and a rich depth. Only a limited number of bottles will be shipped. It offers a calm acidity and an aftertaste , making it a gem that embodies the deliciousness and beauty of such a scene.

Rice Type 
使用米:  Akaiwa Omachi 
Alcohol  Content:   16%
RPR      精米歩合:   50
Acidity         酸度:   1.4
SMV     日本酒度:    2 

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