Toyobijin Gentei Junmai Ginjo Jundoichizo Ushu Homare
Toyobijin Gentei Junmai Ginjo Jundoichizo Ushu Homare

Toyobijin Gentei Junmai Ginjo Jundoichizo Ushu Homare

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東洋美人限定純米吟醸 醇道一途羽州誉

Introducing a limited edition bottle from the "Jun Michi Itto" series, developed by the highly popular sake brand "Toyo Bijin" brewed in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture. "Hoshu Homare" is a variety developed by Takagi Shuzo, the brewer of the legendary sake "Juyondai," over a span of 18 years. There are only a few breweries in the country that use this extremely rare variety. This limited edition Junmai Ginjo sake is carefully brewed using the Hoshu Homare variety as the rice for fermentation and Yamada Nishiki as the rice for koji. It has a fruity and beautiful aroma with a smoothness reminiscent of white peaches from the moment you open the bottle. The taste is soft, with a remarkable balance of rich flavor that quickly spreads and a gentle, rounded acidity that evokes the taste of fruits. The delicate sweetness fills your mouth with a texture that gently permeates, and when swallowed, it disappears brilliantly with a graceful sharpness. It is a bottle that allows you to fully enjoy the straightforward and clear quality and the rich flavor of Toyo Bijin and Hoshu Homage. Please make sure to chill it properly and leisurely savor its captivating taste.

Rice Type 使用米:    Ushu Homare 
Alcohol  Content:    16%
RPR      精米歩合:     50
Acidity         酸度:     NA
SMV     日本酒度:     NA

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