Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 50
Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 50

Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 50

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磯自慢 純米大吟釀 50

 This exquisite sake captivates the senses with its fragrant fruity aromas of melon, passion fruit, kiwi fruit, and peach. It has a mellow, silky texture on the palate, featuring mild sweetness and sourness, and finishing with a hint of bitterness and pungency. Enjoy its juicy and mouth-watering acidity as it glides over your tongue, and let its multitude of flavors captivate your taste buds.

Rice Type 使用米:   Yamada Nishiki
Alcohol  Content:   16.5%
RPR      精米歩合:   50
Acidity         酸度:   1.3
SMV     日本酒度:   +3

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