Isojiman Daiginjo 28 Nobilmente
Isojiman Daiginjo 28 Nobilmente
Isojiman Daiginjo 28 Nobilmente

Isojiman Daiginjo 28 Nobilmente

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磯自慢 大吟醸28 nobilmente ノビルメンテ

Yamada Nishiki of Tojo Akitsu - a special A district in Hyogo prefecture – has been refined to 28% over time and effort. This rice is 100% used luxuriously for both Jiuqu and Kakemai. The mash has been carefully grown for about 50 days, compressed into a beautiful sake bag, and slowly squeezed in the upper tank without applying extra pressure. 65 Litres of pure alcohol are added to one ton of white rice an hour prior to being put in the upper tank. Thus, drawing out the aroma component hidden in the jiuqu creates a finish that is fruitier and more transparent. The result is a new Daiginjo with an Iso that is just right for the name Nobilmente - which means noble and elegant. This sake is characterized by a gentle but pleasant aroma of melon, with few impurities that translates into sweetness that is barely felt with acuity and a smooth

Rice Type 使用米:  Yamadanishiki
Alcohol Content:    16~17%
RPR      精米歩合:   28
Acidity      酸度:      1.2
SMV      日本酒度:   +6

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