Banshu Ikkon Junmai Super Dry
Banshu Ikkon Junmai Super Dry
Banshu Ikkon Junmai Super Dry
Banshu Ikkon

Banshu Ikkon Junmai Super Dry

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播州一献 純米超辛口

This is a Junmai sake that expresses a dry taste using 100% Kitakinchi from Hyogo Prefecture and long-term fermentation at low temperature.
This sake will surely surprise dry sake fanatics who think “I can't be satisfied with regular dry sakes… but I don’t want something too dry.” Although there are many dry-style sake, Banshu ikkon Super Dry has a rich flavor. While the taste is soft, the aftertaste is clean with no residue.
Enjoy this sake at different temperatures, from cold to hot and warm. Thanks to its great compatibility with food, it is highly recommended as a daily sake. Enjoy the flavor that changes as you open the bottle. It gradually becomes mellow and has an accentuated flavor. This powerful dry-taste type sake is a must-try!

Rice Type 使用米:   Kitanishiki
Alcohol  Content:   16%
RPR      精米歩合:   60
Acidity         酸度:   1.3
SMV     日本酒度:   +10

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