Sake Export From Japan to the World

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Japan Sake export

When it comes to beverages, Japanese Sake is irrefutably growing in popularity immensely around the world – and this is something that has been steadily increasing for many years, now. However, between August 2020 and May 2021 alone, the increase in Sake exports from Japan to the rest of the world jumped massive, increasing from around 1.7 million litres during the main bulk of the pandemic to a massive 3.2 million litres for May 2021 – and this trend is only anticipated to grow further.

In fact, from a year-on-year perspective, the massive jump in terms of global demand for premium-quality, professionally brewed Japanese sake has grown exponentially, with consumption in Western Europe jumping by a staggering 728%, followed by Oceania by 428%, South Asia by 368%, and North America by 345%.

Despite the demand increases, the value of exported Japanese sake has remained largely consistent at around 1,000,000 JPY per litre. Meanwhile, for the Singaporean market specifically, the total export value represented 1.11 billion Japanese Yen – that’s no small sum of money, and this is only anticipated to rise as time continues to pass and more people discover the delicious flavor that Sake can offer.

One of the major influences for the growth in demand for premium-quality Japanese Sake has to be the increasing range of new, bold, and innovative flavours; meanwhile, the Japanese Olympic games surely drew further attention to the country and its culture, and Sake would surely have been noticed more as part of this.