How to find high-quality Sake

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How to Find High-Quality Sake


Have you ever wondered about how to find premium Sake wine? Finding high-quality Sake wine can seem like a somewhat impossible goal for many people, and it’s often not easy to know where to begin. Luckily, our friendly experts are here to help you find out more about sourcing the best Sake wine delivery in Singapore – and how you can pick out the best Sake wine for your needs. After all, premium Sake is irrefutably a cut above the rest. So, why not treat yourself – you absolutely deserve it!

What Makes Premium Sake Different?

There’s so much to love about amazing Sake wine, but to get the most from each and every glass, you naturally need to start with a top-quality, authentic bottle. Fortunately, this is where our friendly experts can help.

But what makes premium Sake wine so amazing, anyway? Well, there are several factors that can influence the quality and perceived value of a bottle of Sake wine, and considering these could help you find the perfect sake for your needs.

First, the polishing of the rice grains used in Sake wine has a massive impact on the final wine quality. Indeed, Sake made from unpolished grains is often considered lower quality; meanwhile, highly polished Sake rice grains, which have lost around 50% of their original size, are considered the ultimate premium for making top-quality Sake.

Moreover, the flavour of your bottle of premium Sake will also have a significant influence. Notably, most Sake wine manufacturers and makers agree that premium Sake wine should be unflavoured and free from preservatives; this allows you to enjoy the Sake wine in its purest, freshest form.

The amount of Brewer’s alcohol that’s added to the Sake wine may also influence its perceived quality. Sake wine should never have more than 10% Brewer’s alcohol by weight; any more than this will impact the wine’s quality and reduce its authenticity.

How to Find Premium Sake Wine

At this point, we’ve considered a few of the factors that make a bottle of premium-quality Sake wine – but how can you find it? Sake wine isn’t always the easiest to source, and premium Sake wine is even trickier. Still, if this is something you’ve been feeling unsure about, there are two main options you could consider.

Visit Premium Sake Shops

The first option to find top-quality, premium Sake wine is simple: visit dedicated Sake wine shops in Singapore. While these can be a little few and far between, if you’re lucky enough to have a supplier of premium Sake wine close to you, you’re in for a treat.

Try Sake Delivery Services in Singapore

If you’re not aware of any premium Sake wine providers locally, you could always try premium Sake delivery services in Singapore instead. Specialist delivery services offer a simple, excellent way to enjoy some of the best Sake wine delivered directly to your door. It’s a surprisingly simple option to consider, but one that could be an excellent way to enjoy authentic Sake without the hassle.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that premium Sake wine is a cut above the rest – and, if you ask us, that’s just what you deserve. So, if you have been looking for top-quality Sake wine, please don’t leave this decision to chance; partner with a friendly, professional team to arrange your very own top-class Sake delivery in Singapore, today.


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