The Growth of Sake Drinkers in Singapore

The Growth of Sake in Singapore


Sake are becoming more and more popular within the Singapore market, and for numerous reasons. Not only is there something quite magical about the unique Japanese culture and influences that have changed the way we buy and enjoy sake – and, in recent years, this has become all the more pronounced.

Sake is, without a doubt, one of the most unique types of beverage available on the Singaporean market. As standard, most premium-quality, Japanese brewed bottles of Sake will have an alcohol content of approximately between 15% and 20% alcohol by volume, making it far more potent than beer and almost all bottles of traditional Western wines. It is made by specialist Sake breweries from expertly selected rice varieties, with careful consideration being given to every aspect of the brewing process. In fact, Japanese Sake brewers are so careful that even seemingly menial factors such as the type and mineral levels of the water are meticulously scrutinized to produce a Sake  with unwavering quality.

Most Singaporeans drink Sake chilled for maximum flavour potential; however, a small number of people serve entry-level of mid-range Sake wines warm.

While countries such as the United States naturally dominate the market for Sake imports from Japan, Singapore is often leading the way in this field, being the world’s fifth-biggest importer of quality Japanese sake wines outside of the United States. For 2018, the total value of sake imports from Japan was valued at a staggering 873 million Japanese Yen, the equivalent of over $10 million Singapore Dollars.

What’s more, the value of sake imported into the country has been climbing steadily. Year on year, it has been increasing at an average of 1%. However, the growth of the Singapore market has been one of the biggest influences in overall sake export from Japan overall. As such, the average annual import of sake wine into Singapore typically falls at between 500,000 and 600,000 litres per year.

The growth of premium-quality Japanese sake  in Singapore is largely contributed to by the growing number of bars and restaurants in the country making this unique rice wine available. In turn, this is growing the level of interest in Sake from the Singapore market, leading more and more people to buy their very own bottles of premium sake. Of these, more and more people are choosing premium Sake varieties, such as Junmai Gingjo and Junmai Daiginjo, leading the way as one of the largest areas of growth within the Singapore Sake market.

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