An Oasis of Tradition and Craftsmanship at the Foothills of Shinomine Mountain


Nestled in the picturesque southwest part of Nara, Japan, lies the exquisite Chiyo Shuzo brewery. This hidden gem is a testament to the rich tradition and craftsmanship that have been preserved for generations. Surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the Shinomine mountain, Chiyo Shuzo stands as an ode to the artistry and passion of sake production.
Founded over a century ago, Chiyo Shuzo has stayed true to its roots, upholding the time-honored techniques handed down through generations. It is this commitment to preserving tradition and craftsmanship that sets Chiyo Shuzo apart from other breweries in Japan.
As one approaches the brewery, they are greeted by a serene and idyllic landscape. The lush greenery of the Shinomine mountain serves as a backdrop to the traditional wooden structures that house the sake production. The elegance and simplicity of the architecture are a reflection of the philosophy of Chiyo Shuzo: to create sake that resonates with the soul.
Inside the brewery, one can witness the meticulous and labor-intensive process of sake production. From the polishing of the rice grains to the precise fermentation and aging techniques, every step is undertaken with dedication and precision. The skilled artisans at Chiyo Shuzo understand the importance of time and patience in the creation of a truly exceptional sake.The key ingredient in Chiyo Shuzo's sake is the locally sourced rice from the nearby fields. The fertile soil, coupled with the pure water from the Shinomine mountain springs, lends a unique and distinct flavor to the sake. Every batch of rice is carefully selected and milled to ensure the highest quality.
What sets Chiyo Shuzo apart is not only their commitment to tradition but also their dedication to innovation. While preserving the ancient techniques of sake production, the brewery embraces modern advances to enhance the flavors and aromas. This harmonious blend of tradition and innovation results in a sake that is both timeless and contemporary.
Visitors to Chiyo Shuzo are not only treated to the beauty of the brewery but also to the warmth and hospitality of the staff. The brewery offers guided tours, allowing visitors to witness the artistry firsthand. Visitors can also indulge in sake tastings, where they can savor the delicate flavors and aromas that make Chiyo Shuzo's sake so renowned.
Beyond being a place of sake production, Chiyo Shuzo serves as a cultural hub. The brewery hosts workshops and events, where guests can learn about the history and significance of sake in Japanese culture. It is a space where enthusiasts and novices alike can immerse themselves in the world of sake and gain a deeper appreciation for this ancient beverage.
Chiyo Shuzo is a shining example of how tradition and craftsmanship can be preserved in a rapidly changing world. Their passion for excellence and commitment to quality have earned them a place of honor among sake connoisseurs worldwide. With every sip of their sake, one can taste the culmination of centuries of knowledge and expertise.
A visit to Chiyo Shuzo is not just a journey through time but also a celebration of the Japanese spirit. It is an opportunity to witness the beauty of tradition, craftsmanship, and nature in perfect harmony. As one leaves this oasis at the foothills of Shinomine mountain, they carry with them a profound sense of gratitude for the artisans who have dedicated their lives to creating something truly extraordinary.

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