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The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is the world's most respected annual wine competition and showcases some of the world's finest wines and spirits. One of the standout categories of the IWC is the Japanese sake category. Japanese sake is a rice-based alcoholic beverage that has origins dating back to the 8th century.

Since its introduction in 2003, the IWC has awarded powerful recognition for sake brews from all across Japan. Every year, many of the world’s best sake brewers compete for the top honors. Awards are given to those sakes that best represent their brewer in terms of character, finesse and ability to impress the judging panel.

The IWC has a long-established reputation for setting the industry standard for excellence in sake tasting. The rigorous judging process examines both the sight, aroma and palate of each sake. Judges look for sakes with balanced flavor profiles and an overall pleasant taste.

In order to receive an IWC award, a sake must demonstrate excellence in every aspect. From texture and color, to clarity and aroma, each sake must be unique and fulfill the various criteria for its type. When it comes to awarding a competition medal, the IWC laureates only the highest quality sakes.

When a sake is awarded by the IWC, this shows that it is of the highest quality and a testament to the brewers dedication and skill. Each year, more and more brewers are entering the competition, yet only a few are able to attain IWC recognition.

The IWC is the most prestigious competition for sake in the world and for brewers to be awarded this honor is a great accomplishment. For connoisseurs and sake enthusiasts, an IWC award is a symbol of excellence and helps to distinguish the utter most useful sakes in the market.

Today, the IWC remains a leader in sake tasting and awarding a gold medal to some of Japan’s finest sake brewers. Brewing sake is an art and skill that the Japanese have perfected over the centuries and the IWC award helps to continue that legacy and recognize those that have done it best.

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