Hououbiden Junmai Ginjo Aoban Nama Genshu
Hououbiden Junmai Ginjo Aoban Nama Genshu
Kobayashi Sake Brewery

Hououbiden Junmai Ginjo Aoban Nama Genshu

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鳳凰美田 純米吟醸 生原酒 碧判

Introducing the limited edition "Hououbiten Junmai Ginjo Namazake Aoban," a sake that is brewed in Oyama City. Tochigi Prefecture,
By blending multiple varieties of rice, this sake has been meticulously crafted to enhance its aromatic qualities and vibrant flavors. Upon opening the bottle, you will be greeted with a rich fragrance reminiscent of muscat grapes and berries. It has a soft and gentle mouthfeel, spreading a clear and abundant umami that leaves a refreshing impression. The smooth and pleasant sweetness is accompanied by a glossy texture, followed by a dry finish that adds to its elegance. The impeccable dryness magnifies the sake's charm, creating a deeper allure for Aoban.
Aoban refers to the name of this particular sake. It has been given this name to emphasize its unique characteristics and flavor profile.

Rice Type 
使用米:   Sake Rice
Alcohol  Content:   16%
RPR      精米歩合:   55
Acidity         酸度:   1.8
SMV     日本酒度:    0

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